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    Abiola Salami

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Abiola Salami (or Mr. Champ as he’s fondly called) is Nigeria’s leading Social Transformation Strategist who employs his Creative Thinking, Productive Communication & Socio-Psychological skills to design and implement initiatives focused on Youth Empowerment, Women Empowerment & Workforce Productivity.

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Self Motivation And Empowerment Lessons that teach how to be motivated and remain at your best level of productivity
Women Empowerment Here, we introduce The Empowered Woman, some thoughtful daily inspirational messages in a manner that will inspire, instruct and positively influence women towards becoming resourceful, powerful and successful. To this effect, the Empowered Woman will be discussing issues like self-esteem, women leadership, managing pressure, women discipline, managing emotions, strengthening the mind of a woman, providing comfort to widows & victims of abuse.