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HYT Consulting is a company registered in Nigeria to engage in a wide range of Human Resources Services. HYT derives satisfaction in building businesses by providing highly talented individuals, adequate and relevant training for human capacity development. We also develop HR Strategies and performance management systems that aid the businesses in meeting their strategic objectives, keeping them informed on the current trends and developments through research.

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Building Executive Skills In the public policy arena, interest in brain development has recently focused on executive functioning skills that enable adults to secure work and perform, Learn how to build organizational skills
Business Report Writing Business reports are one of the most effective ways to communicate in today's business world. In this lesson, you will learn How to Write a Business Report and What to do to avoid common Mistakes in Business English.
Managing Oneself for Peak Performance 2 In this lesson, we will be looking at effective communication skill and assertive skill.
Stress Management How to prevent and manage stress. Learn various techniques that elicit the relaxation response.
Interview Essentials Learn basic interview skills, personal branding, and CV writing
Career Development Introduction to career and career development
Contract Management Skills Here we will be looking at The Contract Management Process, Contract management tools, and Global Contracting Concepts and Principles
Negotiation and Influencing Learn the Basic techniques of Influencing, introduction and approaches to Negotiation.